Newswires: Parting fools from their money since the advent of the internet?

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The SEO value of newswires (a very short post). By @TopLineFounder

If you follow this blog then you might have noticed that there’s not much love lost between me and newswires, whose services, in my opinion, are expertly designed to part fools from their money.  Sadly, I’ve been such a fool myself in the past, but now I am older and wiser and feeling magnanimous so I thought I would clarify the issue once and for all.

The SEO value of newswires is limited in a number of ways.

FACT: Google hates a carbon copy. 

So, while the original link in your press release, hosted by your favourite newswire, has some value, the syndicated content that pops up on irrelevant sites across the interweb might as well be invisible as far as the search engine is concerned.

The upshot? If you’re using a newswire as part of your SEO strategy, you’ll get one link of bang for your £500+ (in the case of PR Newswire or Businesswire) of buck. You need to decide for yourself if that represents value for money.

FACT: Google cares about the first link from a domain to your site, but is not so interested in the second or third (by this time our favourite algorithm is rolling its eyes saying “Okay, I get it. That site endorses your site”).

Therefore, if you decide that £500 for a newswire placement is worth the spend, you need only do so very infrequently (like once a year), as Google doesn’t really give a damn about the others, but they still cost you £500!

So, if your PR agency encourages you to place every news release on a newswire to support your website optimisation efforts, they are talking nonsense and exposing their pure lack of understanding of SEO. 

Conclusion: do newswires have SEO value?

Yes, but only when used infrequently, and probably best to take the cheapest package from your newswire provider – as paying an extra £50 per 100 words adds no additional value.

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