Top 50 UK PR Blogs 2012

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A ranking of the UK's top 50 PR Blogs.

We’re proud to announce the B2B PR Blog’s first ever ranking of UK PR blogs and congratulations to the PR Week Blog for nabbing the top spot.

And here they are, the B2B PR Blog’s Top 50 UK PR Blogs of 2012:

  1. PR Week Blog
  2. The CIPR Conversation
  3. Neville Hobson's Blog
  4. The COMMS Corner
  5. A PR guy’s musings – Stuart Bruce
  6. Lewis PR Blog
  7. PRCA Blog
  8. Wadd’s PR and Media Blog
  9. Hotwire PR Blog
  10. Blog til you drop
  11. Punch Blog
  12. PR Media Blog
  13. Broadstuff
  14. The Red Rocket
  15. 10 Yetis Blog
  16. Liberate Media Blog
  17. Dead Dinosaur
  18. Michael Litman's Blog
  19. Mike White's Blog
  20. PR Geek
  21. The Amazing Blog
  22. Gyro Blog
  23. Ste Davies Blog
  24. Technobabble 2.0
  25. A Life in Bubbles
  26. Mediations
  27. Vitis Blog
  28. Berkeley PR Blog
  29. Max TB
  30. Drew B’s take on tech PR
  31. Firefly Comms PR Blog
  32. Simon Wakeman's Blog
  33. Start Up PR Blog
  34. Dinosaur PR Blog
  35. One Chocolate Communications Blog
  36. Sonar Blog
  37. Propeller
  38. Cream Blog
  39. Blue & White Ville
  40. CommsTalk Blog
  41. Shiny Red
  42. PR Company Blog
  43. PR Kindling Blog
  45. ING Media Blog
  46. Revolutionary Measures
  47. Clareville Communications Blog
  48. e! Blog
  49. Jed Hallam Blog
  50. Bell Pottinger North Blog


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