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@TopLineFounder reviews the CIPR’s latest book: Share This: The social media handbook for PR

I’m really impressed with the CIPR’s Social Media Panel for getting this book off the ground. PR people tend to have loads of initiative until it comes to doing something that’s not for a client – when inertia sets in. Yet this group of 16 busy people has managed to pull together a book to fill the gaping hole in the market for a clear overview on how the PR profession can and should be using social media.

The book’s contents are not ground-breaking, but they don’t need to be. Instead, it provides the only comprehensive summary of social media as they relate to the communications profession. And the information is practical and easy to read. Case studies are a bit on the consumer plc side (I prefer learning about how B2B start-ups have used social media to grow, but that’s just a personal preference), but that’s not to say that B2B PR pros can’t learn a lot from this book.

From chapters covering each of the major networks (I learned a lot in the one on Google+) to sections on planning and monitoring, Share This goes beyond the hackneyed dialogue on the importance of using social media to ‘engage with audiences’ and the ‘dangers of not monitoring social conversations’, to provide genuine and detailed information, tips, advice and examples.

Unfortunately for this book, it’s a book, which means it remains static in an industry in the midst of rapid change. That means that the content will date quickly (some of it has already, such as the focus on Google Page Rank, which has started to fade in the past few months). That means you’d better add it to your summer reading list because its relevance will start to diminish with time (sadly the publishing industry hasn’t been able to accelerate quickly enough to catch up with the need for real time updates to information).

That said, hopefully the panel will be willing and able to update the book as time progresses – and if you’re looking for someone to help out, count me in!

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