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Heather Baker (@TopLineFounder) provides her highlights from compiling the rankings.

One conclusion that I can definitely draw after compiling the ranking of the UK’s top 50 PR blogs (in which I read the latest three posts on all 74 blogs on our long list) is that as an industry, we’re pretty damn good at blogging. We have lots to say, and generally do so eloquently, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested in keeping up to date on PR, media and social media, add the RSS feeds of these 50 blogs to their feed readers.

Here are some highlights:

  • The CIPR Conversation: I love the fact that the CIPR lets anyone in the industry post on this multi-author blog, and people really get involved. The posts are regular and the quality of the content is high. It’s a genuinely successful multi-author blog.
  • Stuart Bruce applying the CIPR’s Wikipedia guidelines to a real life problem on his blog: A PR Guy’s Musings  and Speed’s guest post on the subject by a real life Wikimedian.
  • The post on Berkley PR’s blog on special days.
  • Bell Pottinger North’s post on Alan Partridge’s (being foreign I still don’t get him but the post was good) comeback.
  • Reading about the Great Book Migration campaign on the Dead Dinosaur blog.
  • Drew B’s experiment in self tracking.
  • John Clements’ lessons for social media from the sandbox.
  • Learning about the newest social network: Menshn on the Limelight PR blog: Sonar
  • Phil Szomszor’s experiment in going cold Twerky for a week – a great way to learn about Google+

View the ranking of the Top 50 UK PR Blogs here.

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