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The B2B PR Blog aims to chip away at the mountain of incompetence and sheer stupidity under which the best of the sector is buried. The blog is targeted at both PR professionals and people working in B2B industries who are interested in (or are already) designing and implementing PR strategies. Here you’ll find how-to guides and reviews of PR resources alongside opinion, shining examples of best practice and stinking examples of worst practice in B2B PR. Our definition of PR is quite broad which is why you will find us writing about SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing on this blog.  

The blog is managed by Heather Baker, founder of B2B PR Agency, TopLine Comms and takes contribution from anyone sensible in the industry with something intelligent to say.  Follow Heather on Twitter @TopLineFounder.

Why should you read this blog anyway?

If you want access to the best of B2B PR all in one place, this is the blog for you. We give informed opinions on the industry, tips on best PR practice and hat tips to B2B communications home run hitters. Our aim is to be a valuable resource and an arena for open discourse.

The blog's editor heads up an inbound marketing agency, digital PR agencyvirtual reality agency, and video company, and many of the posts published here are produced by its resident experts who know how great PR can help businesses grow - although we do handpick some contributed posts from knowledgeable guest writers (to get in on the action, check out the guidelines below).

So if you want a resource that sheds light on everything from B2B technology PR, B2B content marketing and search engine optimisation to video production, social media and copywriting (TopLine’s areas of expertise), created by experts with a passion for data-driven communications, then read on. Better still, subscribe now (to the right, to the right) and never miss another post.

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Keen on targeting the PR community? If the B2B PR community is your target market, we offer a number of opportunities for brands to sponsor the B2B PR Blog. For more information, please visit our sponsorship page.

Want to contribute?

There are a number of ways to contribute to the B2B PR Blog.
  • Provide a case study Have you delivered a shining example of best practice in B2B PR that you’d like to be featured on the blog?
  • Interview a journalist Know an editor or journalist (B2B remember!) who might be willing to be featured in our media section? Interview them (you’ll get a namecheck and a link) for the blog.
  • Become a country expert While the blog is written in and biased towards the UK, we are keen to provide information on doing PR in other markets. Perhaps you run a European PR agency, or you’ve run a B2B PR campaign in one of the other 195 countries in the world, then why not be the first to grab the thought leadership position by providing a country guide?
  • Propose a guest post We’re open to ideas, so as long as yours is relevant and interesting, we’ll consider it for sure.

Check out our submission guidelines for more info.

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About this blog

The B2B PR Blog is a resource for both PR professionals and people working in B2B industries on how to devise and implement successful B2B PR campaigns. The blog was founded by B2B PR specialist Heather Baker, who runs video production and corporate animation agency TopLine Film and digital PR and SEO agency  TopLine Comms. The B2B PR Blog takes contributions from sensible industry folk with something interesting to say.


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