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Tagged: pitching journalists

Don’t do these 8 things when pitching journalists

Posted: 2013-06-03 in How To    |   Tagged: how to pitch a journalist, journalist pitch, pitching journalists


Account manager David Jamieson (@jamiesondavid) at B2B PR consultancy TopLine Communications, ruminates on common mistakes PRs make when pitching that make a tough job even tougher.

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An interview with Francesca James

Posted: 2012-09-12 in Resources    |   Tagged: b2b journalist, b2b pr, francesca james, fresh business thinking, how to pitch a journalist, journalist interview, pitching journalists, techbubbles, technology pr


@Adam_Ketterer caught up with Francesca James (@FrancescaaJames), editorial on Fresh Business Thinking and techbubbles, who was kind enough to speak about her publications. Pitching PRs take note: informed, informative content is welcome, but don't expect the publication to come up with all the creative angles for you; that's your job too. Oh, and get the name right *triple checks spellings*.

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An interview with Alex Scroxton

Posted: 2012-08-21 in Journo interviews    |   Tagged: alex scroxton, b2b journalist, how to pitch a journalist, journalist interview, microscope.co.uk, pitching journalists, technology pr


TopLine's Jim Beckham (@jimbeckham) talks to Alex Scroxton, Senior Reporter at Microscope.co.uk, about the evolution of tech industry media and the best ways to pitch to it.

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An interview with Jo Faragher

Posted: 2012-05-31 in Resources    |   Tagged: ft, jo faragher, journalist interview, personnel today, pitching journalists, pr, public relations, the times


I had a quick catch-up with Jo Faragher (@faraghrobertson) to talk about her writing and to get her thoughts on the dos and don’ts of PR pitching.

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