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Are you the UK’s best PR blogger?

Posted: 2013-06-13 in Resources    |   Tagged: best pr blogger, top 50 pr blogs


Announcing the B2B PR Blog's second annual Top 50 PR Blog Ranking.

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Don’t do these 8 things when pitching journalists

Posted: 2013-06-03 in How To    |   Tagged: how to pitch a journalist, journalist pitch, pitching journalists


Account manager David Jamieson (@jamiesondavid) at B2B PR consultancy TopLine Communications, ruminates on common mistakes PRs make when pitching that make a tough job even tougher.

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The seven deadly sins of pitching to a national newspaper

Posted: 2013-05-30 in How To    |   Tagged: how to pitch a journalist, journalist pitch


Alex Singleton (@alexsingletonuk), a former newspaper journalist, is author of the forthcoming book The PR Masterclass. Here he explains some of the mistakes PR practitioners make when pitching to the nationals.

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Tax – hate the playa or the game?

Posted: 2013-05-24 in Opinion    |   Tagged: google, simon brooks, tax


Simon Brooks (@smnjbrks), Senior Account Director at MSL London, argues that despite high profile criticism, Google has done well in advancing its arguments on tax

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Using rapid surveys for PR newsjacking

Posted: 2013-05-23 in Resources    |   Tagged: pr case study


A case study demonstrating how CloudNine PR used newsjacking in the launch PR for new, rapid online survey company, Usurv. By Uday Radia (@Uday_CloudNine)

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PR gets slippery for oil giants

Posted: 2013-05-15 in Opinion    |   Tagged: industry watch, jess matthias


Jess Matthias (@maticah5 and @wordville) a PR account director at London-based communications agency Wordville, addresses this week's oil industry PR nightmare.

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Succession planning in a ‘nation of wastrels’

Posted: 2013-05-11 in Opinion    |   Tagged: aimee postle, industry watch


Aimee Postle (@AimeePostle) argues that communications professionals should be involved in succession planning from the outset – rather than being left to communicate the outcome after the fact.

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Girls on top

Posted: 2013-05-08 in Opinion    |   Tagged: industry watch, lucy davies


Lucy Davies (@LucyDesaDavies) describes a bleak picture for women in technology.

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Cycling – a one way route to PR success

Posted: 2013-05-03 in Opinion    |   Tagged: fran winn, industry watch


The Prime Minister’s cycling campaign steps up a gear. By Fran Winn (@FranWinn) of OPR. 

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Primark under the spotlight in Bangladesh

Posted: 2013-04-30 in Opinion    |   Tagged: industry watch


Julian Rea (@julianrea), Executive Director at CitySavvy, explains how in one 155-word statement Primark repositioned itself from callous corporate exploiter of the poor, to the only one brave enough to recognise its moral duty to help victims of the Bangladesh garment factory disaster.

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