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£1000 to share a link...

Posted: 2014-07-11 in Resources


We're hiring and we'll pay you to help us.

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Why is no one using Snapchat for B2B marketing (yet)?

Posted: 2014-06-20 in Resources    |   Tagged: b2b marketing, b2b social media, digital marketing, snapchat, social marketing, social media


We take a look at why Snapchat is still a B2B ghost town, for now.

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Reddit: the party marketers need to crash

Posted: 2014-06-04 in How To    |   Tagged: content marketing, reddit, social media


We take a look at how (and how not) to win friends and influence people on Reddit.

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Three steps to Pitch Perfection

Posted: 2014-04-14 in Opinion    |   Tagged: b2b, b2b pr, how to pr, marketing, pr agency london, pr strategy, working in pr


Alex Young, a Business Director at AAR, talks perfect pitching. 

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Getting closer to your audience

Posted: 2014-04-01 in How To    |   Tagged: social media


Matt Cross, Deputy MD at Hotwire PR talks digital maturity, 'niche social networking' and the future of social media.

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5 ways to be boring at a trade show

Posted: 2014-03-07 in How To    |   Tagged: b2b pr


Are you planning for your next trade show? Don’t make these mistakes!

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What's the worst PR advice you have ever received?

Posted: 2014-02-28 in How To    |   Tagged: pr agency


Rene Musech explores what horrors can occur when companies take PR advice from agencies that are not qualified to give it.

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Why press release newswires are a waste of money

Posted: 2014-02-19 in Opinion    |   Tagged: pr, value of newswires


In an exclusive extract from his new book, The PR Masterclass, former journalist Alex Singleton explains why pay-for newswires deliver bad results.

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Writing killer Google PPC ads

Posted: 2014-02-14 in How To    |   Tagged: business writing, business writing tips, copywriting, ppc


Detailed keyword research, a whopping budget and beautiful landing pages mean nothing if your ad copy is crap. Here’s our guide to copywriting for Adwords. By Heather Baker and Jim Beckham.

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Want to know how to market your SaaS business? You need to read this

Posted: 2014-02-10 in eBooks    |   Tagged: b2b marketing, b2b saas, b2b saas marketing, saas, saas marketing


Formulating your SaaS marketing plan? There's something you need. By @Adam_Ketterer.

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