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Steaming Barrel

The perfect place for us to dump the industry’s worst. When the industry kicks itself in the nuts, scores an own goal or does something that truly stinks – we report it here. Not to point and laugh, but to learn.

Some really bad covering letters

Posted: 2013-02-21 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: graduate pr job, pr career, pr jobs, working in pr


PR jobseekers beware. Make one of these mistakes and your CV will go straight to the recycle bin!

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Open letter to Global Talk Radio

Posted: 2012-10-23 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: global talk radio, jen harris


My letter to my old email buddy, Jen Harris, of Global Talk Radio.

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Review of Invoice-Box: DO NOT USE IT

Posted: 2012-09-30 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: bookkeeping london, bookkeeping online, bookkeeping software, incoice box, invoice scanning, outsourced bookkeeping


An outsourced book-keeping service designed to save time and money has done the opposite for @TopLineFounder who is still down 60+ receipts and two months behind on her company’s management accounts.

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Social media over-sharing: journalists, you should know better.

Posted: 2012-09-10 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: journalists, oversharing, twitter


TopLine's Hannah Stacey @hanstacey has an axe to grind about Twitter over-sharing

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You only have to be mildly not-crap to stand out from this crowd

Posted: 2012-08-13 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: b2b pr, pr jobs


@TopLineFounder despairs at the quality of applications to an internship role.

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Some pretty poor ideas for press releases

Posted: 2012-06-18 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: bad media release, bad pr examples, bad press release, newsworthy


For God’s sake – these are not stories!

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A true howler

Posted: 2012-06-08 in Steaming Barrel


Marketing your targeted marketing lists through untargeted mail spam is almost as bad for business as letting a dog write your corporate blog.

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I hereby declare the steaming barrel open for business

Posted: 2012-05-14 in Steaming Barrel    |   Tagged: bad pr, bad pr examples, pr fail


By Heather Baker, @TopLineFounder

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