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Archive: June 2012

Announcing...a ranking of the UK's PR blogs

Posted: 2012-06-28 in Resources    |   Tagged: league table, public relations, ranking, uk pr blog


By @TopLineFounder

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Setting the channel communications standard

Posted: 2012-06-28 in Examples    |   Tagged: b2b pr, case study, zycko


By Niamh Kinsella of TopLine Communications @minteressant

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Channel media

Posted: 2012-06-26 in How To    |   Tagged: channel, channel pr, it channel, technology pr


TopLine Communications’ Luke Budka introduces the major channel media.

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Communicating with stakeholders in the channel

Posted: 2012-06-26 in How To    |   Tagged: b2b pr, channel, channel pr, var


By Heather Baker, @TopLineFounder

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The IT channel explained

Posted: 2012-06-25 in How To    |   Tagged: b2b pr, channel pr, distributor, technology pr, var, vendor


Any series on channel communications needs to start with an overview of the channel. Heather Baker, whose B2B communications consultancy was recently nominated for CRN’s Channel Marketing Agency of the Year Award, provides an intro to the channel for people in PR.

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Communicating with the channel

Posted: 2012-06-25 in How To    |   Tagged: channel, crn, it distributor, sara yirrell, var


A directory of all our posts on channel communications.

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Embargoes: for immediate release

Posted: 2012-06-22 in How To    |   Tagged: b2b pr, embargo, press release


Charlotte Ward, TopLine Communications, @Charloot explains the concept of a press release embargo.

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UK press release distribution options

Posted: 2012-06-21 in How To    |   Tagged: free press release sites, newswire, press release distribution, response source


By Heather Baker, @TopLineFounder

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A list of UK analysts

Posted: 2012-06-20 in How To    |   Tagged: analyst relations, forrester, freeform dynamics, gartner, idc, uk analysts


Our list of analyst firms in the UK, thanks to James Beckham, from TopLine Communications, @jimbeckham.

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Some good B2B press releases

Posted: 2012-06-19 in How To    |   Tagged: good press release, press release, press release example


By Lynne Goulding (@Lynne_G18) of TopLine Communications

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