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An interview with Louisa Peacock

Posted: 2012-10-18 in Resources    |   Tagged: journalist interview, journalist relations, journalists


TopLine’s @lukebudka talks to the Daily Telegraph’s award-winning jobs editor Louisa Peacock about her day-to-day grind.


Louisa Peacock


What do you write about?

Employment & business on the City team; and women's life, politics, business and sex on the Wonder Women team.

Who are your target readers?

Business owners, chief execs, graduates, jobseekers, young women.

Do you have regular deadlines or do they vary?

Self managed - a lot of stuff online - but regular. Two or three a day. For print, usually one a day. Busier on Fridays as we're writing for Sat, Sun and Mon.

Describe your nightmare pitch...

Someone who pitches you something you've just written.

...and your ideal pitch.

Someone who has done their homework, has a workable idea and interviews with target readers lined up already.

Interview conducted by @lukebudka at B2B PR agency TopLine Communications

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