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The PR Account Manager's Handbook

Posted: 2012-09-18 in How To    |   Tagged: account management, pr account manager


What every PR pro should know about looking after clients, the media, staff and their bosses.

The next 10,000 words to be published on the blog will take you through absolutely everything you need to be the kind of outstanding, impressive PR account manager that gets a headhunter’s pulse racing. The posts are drawn from the PR ACCOUNT MANAGER’S HANDBOOK – a guide I wrote to help account managers become nothing short of smashing.

I’m not publishing the whole handbook, because some of the content gives away our trade secrets. But I hope you find what I do publish to be useful, and would be very grateful of any feedback / comments / ideas you would like to share. Posts include:

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Mon 22nd October, 2012

This is a fabulous resource - thank you!


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