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Top 50 UK PR Blogs FAQs

Posted: 2012-07-02 in Opinion    |   Tagged: blog ranking, pr blogs, uk


Information on how we compiled our ranking of the Top 50 UK PR Blogs.

What was the methodology for compiling the ranking of the UK’s Top 50 PR Blogs of 2012?

These are the steps we followed to compile the ranking of the UK’s Top 50 PR Blogs (covering both B2B and B2C):

  1. We created a long list: We trawled the web for PR blogs from the UK, to create our original long list of 49 blogs, based on the assumption that Google should already have found most of the good ones.
  2. We asked the industry for help in making our long list even longer: We sent out requests to the PR industry on Response Source, Gorkana, LinkedIn and Twitter, asking PR professionals to submit blogs to be considered for the ranking. This brought our total to 74 blogs.
  3. We scored the blogs: We chose to score all 74 blogs on 10 criteria. We’re not going to share the specifics but we will let you know that we chose ten factors (from Alexa ranking to various measures of social engagement) that we know are relevant and we weighted them equally so that no single score or dimension could significantly influence the outcome. However, where two blogs achieved the same final score, we used their Alexa score to order their ranking.

How would the B2B PR Blog score based on these criteria?

We’d come in around number 19 I believe.

How can I submit a blog to be included in the next ranking?

If your blog hasn’t been featured on the top 50 and you’re suspicious that it might not even have been on the long list, then please do submit it via email to ensure that it can be considered for the next ranking, which will be out in July 2013.

What can a blogger do to improve their blog’s position in the ranking?

Produce frequent, high quality, interesting content and work on increasing audience engagement.

View the ranking of the UK's Top 50 PR Blogs and our commentary on the ranking.

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Mark Pack

Tue 3rd July, 2012

Intrigued by your use of Alexa, as whenever I've tested Alexa data against other sources I've found it pretty wanting. (E.g. http://www.markpack.org.uk/6399/can-you-trust-alexa-and-google-trends/)

What has your experience of testing out the quality of its data been like?


Wed 4th July, 2012

Mark. Thanks for the comment. We used Alexa to provide an estimate of each blog's traffic, quality etc. Alexa isn't meant to provide a 100% accurate picture of websites. It's meant to give only a general insight into a website. Many of the statistics presented on the website are accompanied by words like "roughly" and "estimated". So when assessing the quality of Alexa data we have taken this into account. We've found that other website grading sources also have their flaws, but the important thing here was that we assessed all blogs using the same tool. We're not taking Alexa's data as a complete picture, which is why our methodology used nine other indicators, including social popularity, blog quality and page rank.

John Stewart

Fri 19th July, 2013

Alexa? Are we in 2002?


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