An interview with Sara Yirrell

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The editor of CRN, the UK’s leading channel publication, talks to TopLine’s Luke Budka about being pitched.   


Tell us about CRN.

CRN is more than just a newspaper, it is a true cross-media brand with a presence in print, digital and online editions as well as our e-newsletter, PDA and mobile service and special events and exhibitions, all ensuring we get the right information to the right audience in the format they prefer. With our own research and market intelligence department, we can back our editorial with the best information, all tailored to our readers’ needs.

News, analysis, channel research, technology information, in-depth features and dedicated How to Sell and Focus supplements make CRN the most respected, highest-quality editorial newspaper. Start-ups, collapses, events, world news, and exclusive stories that tell you how well, or how badly, your competitors are doing; it is all here.

CRN prides itself on having the highest journalistic integrity and in being the number one, high-quality weekly newspaper for the channel sector.


Who reads it?

Launched in the UK in 1997, CRN is the largest global channel brand and is now published in 15 countries worldwide. CRN is targeted at the management teams at leading VAR’s, System Builders and Converged resellers.

CRN UK has an edition reach in print and digital formats of 14,000, while also attracting around 37,000 online visitors weekly.


When is it published and how often?

CRN is published three times a month during the summer. We publish four issues in any five-week months.


When is your deadline?

Deadlines are a little strange now we are not news-based in print - we aim to get all our features/analysis done by Friday lunchtime at the latest and the rest of the magazine is done by Wednesday. However we have constant deadlines because all our news is online - so every minute is a deadline basically!


Describe the ideal pitch.

The ideal pitch is one that is targeted to CRN - they know what the channel is, how it operates and the announcement is actually relevant to our audience. Business relevant news such as new partner strategies, M&A, channel movers and shakers, financial information, market data etc is welcome. Always include a picture as well - the amount of times companies put someone forward, or announce a new CEO/channel/UK head and don't actually have a picture makes me want to cry!


Describe the nightmare pitch.

The nightmare pitch is one that is techie and full of corporate crap. We don't cover products, yet we still get loads of calls inviting us to attend a product demo/launch.

Meet the CEO style requests are also a pet hate of mine - I don't have time to meet up with random vendors that nobody has ever heard of just because they want to get into the UK and make small talk. If they have a strong channel story - great - but I don't want to hear that 'a product is selling well through the channel'. And just because a product is sold through partners, doesn't make it a decent news story.


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