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An interview with Matt Cartmell

Posted: 2012-05-17 in Resources    |   Tagged: journalist interview, journalist relations, matt cartmell, media pitch, pr week


News Editor at PR Week / www.prweek.co.uk talks to TopLine’s Heather Baker about working with PR people.

Tell us about PR Week

PR Week is a magazine covering all aspects of public relations and communications.

Who reads it?

It is read by executives in the PR industry – both in-house and consultancies.

When is it published and how often?

PRWeek.co.uk is published online daily. PR Week is published on a Thursday.

When is your deadline?

The deadline for the print publication is Tuesday.

Describe the ideal pitch.

Something which is targeted at a specific section of the magazine, such as a news story, a hit/miss idea or an idea for a p3 analysis. If you’re contacting about an account win, we like to receive stories about recognisable brands, but if that’s not possible, please try and explain why we should care about the brand, i.e. what is note-worthy about it? You should also ideally get in touch by Friday lunchtime in order to stand a chance of getting in the following week’s mag, although we can receive stories for the website every day.

Describe the nightmare pitch.

Untargeted, badly-thought through and delivered without any knowledge of what the magazine looks like and what the criteria for entry are. Please make sure your story is about PR! Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised…

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