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An interview with Amy Baker

Posted: 2012-05-19 in Resources    |   Tagged: amy baker, education pr, journalist interview, journalist relations, media pitch


The editor of The PIE tells TopLine's @LukeBudka what she wants to hear from education PR agencies.


Tell us about The PIE

The PIE is a news, business analysis and jobs website for all professionals working in the international education industry.

Who reads it?

Professionals in International Education! Agents, college heads, members of the British Council, language school staff, international education providers - the list goes on!

When is it published and how often?

No specific publication date...

When is your deadline?

...which means the team at The PIE is working to a constant rolling deadline. 

Describe the ideal/nightmare pitch.

The ideal pitch is based on a good news hook. Events don’t make good news for example unless they’ve been organised to announce a particular programme or business deal - ‘Partner event in Ukraine’ is not newsworthy. ‘Partner event in Ukraine reveals new business opportunities for local agents’ is getting there! Pictures are also crucial – a news story with a good picture is much more likely to run than one without.

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